The proposed home of dreams is actually a composition of 3 houses on top and beside each other and is arranged around a temporary covered atrium which acts as the informal centre and meeting zone for the building.

The placing of the house, in the middle of the plot, gives room for the most intimate life of the family with an excellent view onto the beach and the sea. The first floor is divided into a house for the family and a house for the relatives.

The most important house is almost invisible on the first floor, sandwiched in-between a glass room – half inside, half outside – for living.

The roof garden can offer a withdrawn zone to enjoy the sun, the 360 degree view and a save place to experience the beauty of the nature.

The home of dreams is coated with a wooden skirt to protect the inside from the direct sunlight and to generate a shady and a moderate breeze through the house. The huge variety in form and size of the inside and outside places can be use individually from the different residents and can offer an individual mix of privacy and openness.

The elegant drive up to the house of dreams with the arrival at the generous front yard where you get the first glance on- and through the building is the starting point for an exiting and cosy coming home feeling.

The focus of the design is to produce a comfortable and representative atmosphere for each unique user and to give everyone the mind blowing view and ocean breeze.The deliberate adoption in terms of the materialisation is to amplify the character of the different zones in the home of dreams and is based on the link between a modern and natural living space

Internationaler Wettbewerb, 2009


Architekt Peter Larcher und Wolfgang Wallinger